Its all too real.

She hides behind her music

Her auditory disguise;

But what they never notice

is whats behind her eyes.

She knows the world is all too real

Her friends have shown it to her-

With drugs and lies and suicides

her friends are getting fewer.


Her best friend tried to kill himself

One too many times;

He does the drugs to dodge the lies

that are written in his rhymes.

Her other friend,

the happy one,

who NEVER seems that sad

is burdened by her home life

and now she's always mad.


She wonders when her time will come

when she'll consider death

Whhen she'll use the blade

the pills

the rope

to take her final breath.

But sooner than she knows

will come a horrid time-

she'll cry and try to kill herself

but no one will know why.


She'll be sent straight to the hospice

without a second thought

and everyone will wonder

if her life was called 'distraught'.

The girl who looked death in the face

the silver glint from hell-

she values life with all she's got

The pain is all too real.

The End

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