Poem about life and what people may think about it and also what is actually true.

Life. It passes us by without a second look,

It does not care who it hurts,

It does not lie,

It does not cry,

It doesn't even need to know why,

Life is cruel,

Life's not fair,

Life it's what we all share.

Life is precious,

Life is sweet,

Life it just can't be beat,

Life is kind,

Life is gentle,

Life is oh so special,

Life is given,

Life is taken,

Life it's what we've all mistaken,

Life is granted,

Life is spent,

sometime always trying to forget,

Life is painful,

Life is neat,

but sometimes life is on the street,

Life can hurt and life can heal

and also Life will sometimes steal

Life is tender

Life is kind,

and life will always have time to shine.

Life will take you down a path of which you have to choose

Life is not forever.

You can only win or lose.

Life is granted by our God Above

he can take it,

he can save it.

but the path of life is up to you.


Life. What is it to you?



S. Wassenaar

The End

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