A poem about the one I love.

Life doesn't always lay like a perfect Snow

Sometimes it shatters like broken glass

Life is very cruel it can freeze you in your snow

Or it can shatter the glass upon your body

But you ease my pain life puts me through

You warm me up

And you clean the blood

You make me smile

Even when my body is covered in cuts and scars

You make life worth living

Even when it doesn't want to live

I love you with all of my heart

That will never change

You will always be my reason to keep going

Even through this life

I refuse

I refuse to let this life pull you from me

It tries to put me away from you

But I'll fight until I'm dead for you

I'd give my life for you

Only you

Your more important than my life

Your my reason for being

You save my life

You keep me alive

The End

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