We all get hurt throughout our lives. Some are minor pains and aches found within that we can forgive and forget. Other times are bigger, leaving us with a pain that lasts a while. Other times we find that getting hurt can scar us, leaving a permanent reminder of the worst that can happen. Yet why do we find ourselves getting over the disappointment, the anger, the despair? Is there something more to being hurt than meets the eye? Is it possible that being hurt helps us to become better people, growing up in ways we never would have though unless we had been hurt in the first place?

This hurt, this pain allows us to see the under side of how our actions affect not only our own lives but can alter the lives of others. We're not just talking hurting as in breaking up or leaving somebody, we're talking saying something mean, treating people with no respect, putting down other people even when they try their best. We may not think that such actions may be hurtful or cause pain, but they do. The people on the receiving end may seem unafflicted by such actions yet it's this silence that slowly eats away and alters how they see the world. Why can such a seemingly harmless and simple actions such as saying hurtful things drastically changing somebody's life? Perhaps it's the fact that they too are human being with a conscience. Perhaps they are in search of self-improvement, and by being mean can motivate them to change. Whether the actions that either directly or indirectly hurts somebody are in good faith or for the best outcome, the fact of the matter is that they do in fact hurt other people. How would we want to be treated by other people? Would we want them to constantly put us down, to treat us poorly, call us names, to lie to us, to cheat us, or even to steal what we have in both physical and spiritual aspects? Would we want them to take our house, our money, our trust, our pride, our dignity, or even our self respect? Than why do we treat others in such a way? Should we not try our best to better the communities in which we live and go out of our way to help others? If we were to change this negative energy, these negative actions, towards us into positive energy with positive actions we can better the world, if only a little at a time. It adds up. If we only do one thing that can help out one person in need a day, that still equals three hundred and sixty five people we help a year. If they in turn turn around and help another person one a day for a year they have in turn helped the same amount and you have in turn helped seven hundred and thirty people in one year.

As a sidefact, we are not only hurt by the actions that others commit, but rather we can be hurt by occurances outside of anybody's direct control such as death, falling out of love, and world events. Such occurances are hard to get over, they are usually with us for the the rest of our lives. We feel hopeless and lost that we could do nothing to prevent such an action. The reverberations are felt throughout our lives as we learn from such events. Yet we must also look to history past, where we can learn from the mistakes made in the past and prevent such happenings. Yet there is also the point that without such occurances we would not know how to care for and love life. What would we know of love and happiness if we had no knowledge of pain and suffering. It is through these events that life is made to have it's ups and downs, it's pain or suffering and it's love and happiness. We need love and sorrow to continue growing as a human race.

As a continuation, even the smallest of actions can benefit those people around us. Holding the door for an elderly citizen, buying food for a homeless person, or even spending time and making up with friends we have previously had a fight with all hold a place in making the world a better place. It can't all be done at once, but with effort it can be made better. It not only benefits the person we are directly or indirectly acting positively towards, but also benefits our personal growth and inner being. It is done little by little, but in the end it adds up. In a lifetime we have the opportunity to affect over 21900 people over 60 years of our lives at one person a day. So let us make the effort to convert our pain and suffering into love and happiness. With global co-operation who would know of the outcome?

The End

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