Happiness is only real when shared. The human soul relies upon new experiences. It is the light, the salt, the grains from which the spirit is conceived. We need relationships to allow us to be truly happy. We have the opportunity placed all around us by something Greater than ourselves. Yet, it lies upon us to determine and understand the core of own divine spirits; not through love, or money, or faith, and not through fame and fairness but the Truth. We are born in this truth in purity. The real truth in that circumstance or origin has no true beginning or end, that they have no value. The truth is how one can relate and derive from a situation the true meaning.

The impermeable, impartial, and undeniable truth is what we seek. Many seem to deny all and any existence of truth, leaving only the cold, desolate wasteland of lies. We must follow our hearts. It is here that the truth is contained. Our lives are a journey; neigh an adventure, upon which we embark on a path set by our inner soul. It contains the wisdom, the fulfillment, and the relationships that we gain and put forth on our way. If only we choose to listen to the inner voice we can gain and give out so much wisdom, fulfillment and love with great ease. This only reminds us that much more that there is so much to be gained. Not gained merely for the prosperity of the individual, but rather as part of society. This is not attainment of wealth, or fame, or power, or love, or rather any state that singly benefits any one individual as such. This accumulation of being is solely and uniquely for all parties or members of the whole. In this case, society.

That goes to state every single partial, impartial or non-existent relationship may be profoundly and intricately influenced, altered, or rather touched by the slightest of interactions between at least two individuals. Whether out of honorable innocence or reckless indecency, our actions are with consequence. Sometimes our actions can be greatly influenced by an immoral or corrupted reasoning. This reason could not be further from the truth. This is the core truth of any situation. This truth is always the first casualty in greed, lust, anger, envy, and hate. It becomes lost in a nearly irreversible manner in such low states of human emotion. It only reversible for the simple, yet complete truth that we are all human and within each of us is the divine truth. Found at the core of the human spirit, this truth is an essential portion of human love. It is from here that we grow as people, and from which we experience love and happiness.

Quite often we are taught that power, money, and fame (worldly gain) as such are what brings true happiness. For anyone that sees it the way I see, can tell you this is a tragic moral flaw within society. This corruption of reason is wrought with surprisingly common attitudes of: 1) Cruelty
2) Injustice
3) Intolerance
4) Oppression
These four items are commonly found within the core ligatures of social doctrine. There is also the collective mindset that is a cause of:
- abuse of nature
- material excess/ time wasted on gaining of wealth rather than that of love
- capitalization on the loss of others
- formation of social segregation
- raising of consumers from childhood

The results of such cruelty, injustice, oppression, and intolerance have yet (as of this point) to emerge with devastating consequence. As of now we have only seen but a mere glimpse into the echoes of uncertainty, the repercussions of corrupt reason. Suicide due to peer pressure, global warming and toxic living necessities (air and water and food) are but a few plagues of human immorality and corrupt reasoning. The truth of the situation must be known. True love, true happiness and true joy should entirely be the sole determinant in our lives. What life is a life that does not truly live? The truth in our hearts is the way to live. The truth is what will set us free from the grasp of hatred, envy, and cruelty.

From as early as childhood we are nudged, bumped, and guided in many different directions. This is a direct result of the interactions and relationships and events that we experience. We become manipulated and molded into the foundation of who we are today. As we grow older more and more is added to this foundation and we too begin to be shaped greatly. Exterior influences could come from the media, our relationships, and our experiences. It may seem to be the slightest and seemingly insignificant events, people, and things that may have the most profound impact upon who we become. We may not know or understand at the time, yet it stays with us and resonates for a lifetime. As we live, our personality, our soul and our being are continually changing. The majority of our development is done within the first quarter of our lives. It is also worthwhile to mention that we continue to be influenced throughout the rest of our lives.
Whether fate or destiny is yet to be determined it is our attitudes, choices, and morals that can change and manipulate where we end up. Who we are becomes a complex chain of experiences – some of resentment and anger, others of exhilaration and joy – consisting of the pain and pleasure that comes from the choices we make. It is important to note that we have the power of choice. Ultimately it is us who decide – the self-integrity upholding. This integrity is the truth upon which we determine what and how events and relationships unfold. For it is a simple equation – everything we put forth is what we can hope to achieve and gain. Hard work, dedication, honesty, sympathy, compassion and, above all, love – what could anybody hope to achieve without these guiding our moral actions. They are the answer to the moral truth found in the very existence of mankind. We can choose to learn and accept the truth or deny but the slightest experience of anything but the existence of choice itself.
The End

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