Life - La Vie

This route all must travel along. It is a road that branches off into many connecting paths, destinies, and dreams. It can lead a person anywhere if they have but the willpower and money to do so. It is a journey. A journey where you meet, keep, and leave behind friends, new and old. There will be hitchhikers who you may choose to pick up and have them tag along for part of the journey, or you could choose to leave them behind and ignore them completely and continue on regardless. This is your chance to try new things. Learn. Love. Fulfill your dreams. This route is something we call life. We all originate from the same basis of existentialism, yet we tend to branch off unto our own paths, decide which turns to take, and where to take a break or continue on. This path we choose for ourselves takes you into the most precarious of places. It often twists and turns so much so that we cannot foresee and if we only take heed of the warnings and do what we must to overcome trees fallen in our paths. We must become the people we were meant to be and do what we must to fulfill our destinies. Rise up to the occasion of infinite personal reward.

At some points we're all alone. At some points we're with our friends and family. At some points we're just on a journey of discovery to find out more about the unknown. At some points we must discover and face problems we didn't even know existed. It's at these moments in life that we must consider do we turn the other way and go back home running away from our problems or even have somebody else guide us along the way? or shall we continue on venturing into the unknown facing our problems head on, being able to make our own choices. It's at these moments that some turn back, other push forward. This is where we learn the most, when we are in the position to either make a mistake from which we should learn , or to make the correct choice and once again learning from what we've done correct. To make a wrong turn or a right turn is based upon our tuition. Do we follow the signs that say 'The Chosen Path' or do we follow the sign that says 'The Hard Way'. While 'The Chosen Path' may seem tempting we must not allow the easy route guide us throughout our whole life. It may be desirable and convenient, but where do we learn? Where are the mistakes that differ left from right? Where do we grow? 'The Hard Way' may not seem desirable or easy, but in the end it's where we do the most learning, the most growing, the most accomplishments. Why coast through life if we can overcome goals previously deemed impossible or complicated or hard? What is the good in not trying to reach our potential in life? Why wouldn't we want to be the best we can be in life? Why would we not want to grow and live life to what we can live? Wouldn't we want to be living life to the extreme, trying new things, pushing ourselves, accomplishing goals, dreams, and ambitions all the while creating that sense of pride we so often fail to feel within ourselves? For some it is the thirst and hunger for greatness that drives them. In others it's the need or want to become better at what they do. For the rest, they have no need or want to become better and they just coast along at the same pace as everybody else similar to what they believe and see. But it is in their sight, or lack thereof, in which they are missing the big picture, they lack the ability to see things from all angles. They lack the perspective to see what truly lies out there in the unknown, in the uncertainty. Make a decision, nobody cares if it's the right or wrong decision as long as we learn from it.

Throughout life, we will come across obstacles, hurdles, puzzles, and challenges. This much we do know. What we don’t know is what these consist of. Whatever they may be it takes a great person to become greater than them self to overcome it. We gain a clearer image as to who we are and receive glimpses of what we could be. Yet there is an eternal struggle within each and every human. The struggle between who people want us to be, who we are, and who we want to be. It is a struggle of going alone and beyond the bravery and courage most commonly unfounded. It takes this courage, this bravery, to give somebody a second chance to let somebody in. This struggle is present within each and every one of us. It directly affects the type of person we are. How we act. How we treat other people. What people think of us. This struggle is not unique to any one person, but rather common to every human being. It is the need to be accepted yet to be your own person, yet to be a good person. This determines the different directions and paths we drive down in our journey through life.

Throughout our lives we will often come to a fork in the road. This is a chance to prove who we truly are, where the decisions we make when we are lost and confused are the determinants for what is to come. A chance to make a decision that will determine who we are and who we will be. This is a chance to prove our worth and find out where our real loyalties lie and to determine where our true beliefs are held. It is at these times that we discover who we truly are. It's only when we're tested that we discover who we truly can be. For an instance we see a glimpse of that greatness within each of us, that longlasting persistence of a dream. We can choose between doing something you know we'll regret or standing strong and doing what is the right choice. If we make a mistake it is alright as long as we choose to learn from it and move on. It also becomes a choice between what we want and what others want us to do. You have to determine a future and not let others define it for you. We must not let the heartache and fear decide who we are. The person you want to be does exist, somewhere towards that of our dreams, belief, and hard work. In most people it sits dorment, unfulfilled, unreflected upon. In those who can see past their mere insecurities, trifles, and characteristics there sits a passionate flame burning within. The passion to be better. The passion to do better. The passion to improve upon every possible fraction of their living being. The passion to be the best you can possibly be.

Is there a true good and true evil in life? Is there always just a good a bad?Albeit sometimes situations we face in life aren't black or white, but rather shades of grey, where good or bad doesn't necessarily exist but rather are intertwined to the point of indistinguishing them from one another, thus bringing in to question morality and ethics. They are each their own and yet together they would not work. Would we break a rule or law to do what needed to be done or to save the life of a fellow human. Would we run that red light to get someplace if nobody was around to watch? What are the moral implications. Do we do it just because it's the law or a rule or rather do we do things because they are the good and honest thing to do? Question everything. If it is right and good than do it. If not than let us avoid acting in such a way. Remember that we should incorporate everybody's perspective, not only our own but rather all perspectives. It is not a place that we can let others decide for us. It is a world, a part of human life that we must make our own decisions and thoughts. Think over everything. We all see commercials on the television and we all witness articles in the newspapers. Question it. Are we getting the whole story? Are they omitting details? Are they making portions up? Is it trying to keep attention off another matter? These are examples of questions we must ask ourselves of media we witness. Now apply this to our lives. Are they mad at us for saying something that could possibly in some way be deemed rude or inappropriate or for hurting them in a way we haven't previously seen? All aspects must be considered. It is through this that we can make corrections to anything that we have, will, or are going to to do. In doing so we are growing. Growing beyond what we usually do and opening ourselves to healthy criticism. This criticism comes from within ourselves if only we are open and in want of listening to it. It has the power to change us in ways we normally would not know, that's the greatness within self-improvement. It has the power to boost us to that level of being a true creature of understanding. We not only understand others perspectives, feelings, and values, but we also begin to understand ourselves. Yet many people are incapable of presently being able to understand any perspective other than their own.

Open your eyes. We need to wake up and see what is going on in the world. Most people go through their lives in a sub-conscious slumber, not caring, not wondering, not thinking about how things are or could differ. They mindlessly follow routines, schedules, and plans day in and day out not making an effort to change or better things. They are in a state of 'numbness', not taking witness to the world around them. Ask somebody how many sunrises they've witnessed, how many sunsets they have shared with another person. Ask them what the stars make them feel inside. Ask them what they feel deep down or truly. They won't be able to tell you, they have no personality, no fire in their eyes, no desire to be better, or to witness the beauty that is but merely 5 inches from their eyes at times. They don't care for anybody but themselves and what they call 'friends'. They take advantage of, abuse, destroy, and manipulate all due to the green in their eyes. They do anything they can to get what they can. This is all some people can see, a narrowminded and stubborn way of seeing. For others it is a person they love. Yet, for others it is overzealous dream to be something they cannot. They continually only see what they want to see or what they need to see, not what is actually there. Or perhaps they continually only see things to what can benefit themselves or further their selfish causes. Industrialists, narcissists, profiteers. Whatever the name they have, they are usually too stubborn to look around once in a while, open their eyes and witness the truth around them. Every person has beauty surrounding them yet how many take the time to relax or even witness the good in it all.

We've got to live a little, laugh a little, and perhaps give in a little. It's all a balance between what we want, need, and dream of. This balance is who we are, it is our personality. Living life to fulfill our dream is great when you can get a thrill of the unknown or even try new things and get that thrill or rush of excitement and yet push ourselves to do greater. The laugh is what we all need, a time to relax and push the bad things in our lives to the back of our minds, and albeit not forget them but move forward with our lives. We perhaps also need to compromise. Compromise in the sense that we can't always be trying new things or always relaxing or even always giving in, but rather we don't always need to do some of the things that we do. Although it might seem like we may want to do it in the spurr of the moment or even feel as if we need to do it, it's not always possibly, nor is in logical, humane, or thoughtful. We need to maintain an eternal balance between these three parts of us or we will succumb to what many people call 'stress' and in no time we find ourselves in over our heads. So remember, live a little, laugh a little, compromise a little.

Live long. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Help others when they need help. Accept help when you need to. Admit your mistakes. Become greater than yourself. Admit defeat. Take control of every part of you. Grow in spirituality, mind, and body. Take what you can, but only what you need and a little more. Share what you have no matter how little you have.

This is what we call growing up. Let's make the world a better place!

We may or may not consider it but the smallest of choices we make in our lives directly affects who we are today. This decision is not just a matter of directly affecting the outcome of a particular decision but ultimately resonates in the echoes of time affecting who we are, what we do, and how we go about accomplishing this. These decisions we make may seem miniscular and unpromising at the time, yet when we look back at our lives these decisions that we make are what defines us. These decisions we have to live with and reflect upon in the future. It's okay for us to make mistakes but we must not repeat the bad. With every decision we make we must think about everything and everybody we are affecting both directly and indirectly. It sounds hard, but we must in order to make this world a better place. As we all have experienced anger, fear, jealousy, and greed can affect the way we do things we (in our right mind) would never think of actually commiting. It comes with self-constraint and self-control that we can control these emotions and make clear-minded and informed decisions. Ones which we won't regret.
So take it easy. Take a step back. Look at the situation from a point you have never considered and you're already learning. :) Try things from a new perspective or a perspective you have never tried. Try to look at things from a new angle, from an all encompasing standpoints. With looking at only one angle we only see but a mere fraction of the total picture. This fraction can be the equivalent of only being able to look up at the stars. But once we open our imaginations to interpretation we can only imagine what the world would look like from the moon. This ability to gain perspective will help us all with making the world a better place. It allows us to place ourselves in another's shoes and take a look, opening a whole new world that is suprisingly similar to what we are used to. This whole new world is unique, unique compared to what we see and think of it. It is in this moment that we take on another's perspective that we become better people and greater citizens of a global world. You must rise up and seize the day. 'Carpe diem'. Words to live by.

Imagine a future moment in your life where the very dream you have comes true. It's the most amazing point in your life and with only one person you get to experience it. Who will it be standing next to you?

The End

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