They are everywhere

All you have to do is look
Everywhere there are lies
Slithering through this world
Turning people evil and sad
Hurting deep inside they burn
To see such lies going

Truth is unknown here
Nobody is kind anymore
Everyone is alone and scared
So many lies are here
Floating in and out
Creating more and more

You see him spreading rumors
He says no he didn't do that
Though you know he did
Lying, Straight to your face
Don't you have a conscience
Don't you feel bad about that

Where is your heart
That was pure and immense
The lie he told
Broke your heart and tore you up
You died because of him
Only because of his lie

It brings tears to your eyes
To have held such sorrow
A crying shame to see that
you are dead and it’s his fault
He killed you from the inside out
Are you ready to live with that?

The End

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