Lie to yourself

How long will you keep up this facade?

The one that all but you can see through,

How long should I wait?

Saying everything is going to be fine about you,

I wish you would answer my questions,

But I'm talking to myself,

You're wrapped up in your delusions,

But nobody's fooled except yourself,

How long will you be in denial,

Of the truth in front of you?

When will you break down this wall,

That stops us from starting anew?

How long till you stop pushing away,

The only ones that care?

Enough with you to stay,

Enough to see you here,

I don't know what to feel,

Huddled in a corner,

You leave wounds that never heal,

They'll stay with me forever,

I wish I could tell myself it's alright,

Wish I could say all will be well,

Wish you'd see the light,

But unlike you, I'd never lie to myself.

The End

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