This poem is about a girl being controlled by a man that doesn't treat her the way she deserves to be treated. He tells her he loves her but he doesn't mean it. All the sweet things he says to her doesn't have any meaning to him at all and he just leads the girl on. He lies to her. But the problem is that the girl is madly in love with him and it's hard for her to let him go.

Your love couldn't protect me like your lips. You lie... you lie... Sew my lips together, oh sweet words. I put you above me, over everything else, yes.. I did. Your words speak and spoke what your dancing lips showered as you said you loved me, you lie. Put me above your glass pane where you keep all your shine and gloom underneath what you said you would never do... to me. I. Trapped. Your key, my freedom. Over the glass pane, I weep. Down the beauty you said covered me I call sorrow. You say you will, would, you didn't. You lie... you lie...

The End

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