Library Out Of The OrdinaryMature

Library Out Of The Ordinary

The clock points to nine minutes past three,

The computer bleeps an error eight times over at me,

The book pages flick past our hands, 

As the file cabinets and staples chomp at the paper demands,

The library is surprisingly full of terror, shock, surprise and jeolousy,

As the super stars, movie stars, rock stars and dancers are a vision of the reflection of  the book infront of me,

The students, teachers and headmasters lean into the the tables and nearby walls,  

The supernatural ghosts, elves and bats are coming to get us all, 

Decisions, thoughts, what is said, seen and heard,

Experiences, variety of imagination and ideas that inspires with every written word,

The flies buzz, the bees buzz, the insects crawl and the monsters roar,

The stationary equipment and bags fly out of the cielings, windows and entrance door,

Coming, walking, running or stopping,

Quivering,  shocked, afraid, disturbed or waiting,

Confused-what is happening? The earth, sky and space is falling, 

The building crashes and involves into nothing but an S.O.S calling,

Power, effect and everyone loses, 

Library is out of ordinary.

The End

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