Remember that your mind is always free. You just have to open that casket and revive the part of you conformity tried to kill.

In the journey you face there will be many caves
Many traps and the fools who will take them
But no traps hurt more than ones of your own
In your deepest transgressions you make them
But that's not the end; no, its only the start
Though part of you wishes it so
That there was a trapdoor out of here
An asylum where failure could go

They barely know you; justifications
All for the purpose of keeping you bound
They'll cage what's unique as if its a beast
Doomed to be kept underground

But even with hands tied the psyche goes free
This body restrains most of all
Within your dreams you'll find what you need
The trapdoor where misery squalls

Go down the stairs and open the door
To let everything out of its prison
As the casket yawns open you'll discover yourself
Freed and awake and arisen

In this cave of unconscious the shadow will sing
Of cruel and unshakable fear
But if you weren't meant to do more than follow
Why would you even be here?

The End

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