Another work in progress. I am almost happy with this, but it's a little flat. My thoughts are that it could use some more details to nail down the speaker, but I want to keep it short.

Brown bodies clink as I pull
Them from pocket of my Army surplus coat.
The cold of Pop's fridge already faded
From the dark glass like the purple
From last year's homecoming corsage.
I pass one to Peter. He props his boots
On the balcony railing, twists the cap
With his plaid shirt tail and coughs
To cover up the wet hiss.
Beneath us, the organ pours
Out bass notes that rattle the floorboards,  
And the choir sucks a single holy breath
Before belting out “Nearer My God to Thee”.
Pagans used to pass around a full cup;
They sang, and spilled mead for their dead--
I remember that much from history class--
So why can't we share a longneck
With Jesus? Even warm,
It's a sweeter drink than the preacher's
Words about who's going to Hell today. 

The End

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