Liar LiarMature


A lie is a seed.  

It starts off small and innocent.  

It is lifeless and insignificant.  

It is so tiny, it is forgotten, tread upon, pushed down, down into the ground.

"I'm okay."

But you really aren't.

And like a seed, it takes root, and grows.

You water it with every smile when you want to cry.

You feed it with every "I'm not hungry." as your body screams starvation.

Every empty gaze.

Every hollow day.

It becomes strong when you lie in my arms

and believe you love me, because it's true,

not because I'm using you,

just a fucking girl

just a fucking girl.

The lie spreads into your veins

infects your blood, stains your skin

scars and scrapes decorate your body,

vain attempts to let the poison escape

as it consumes you.

"I'm okay."

you can't stop saying it.

Your bones jut out.

Your eyes are vacant,

you murmur it before you faint.

"Just a fucking girl.

Just a fucking girl."


A lie is a seed

that towers into an enormous tree,

and blocks out any truth you once knew.

As they lowered you into your grave,

I stood and watched, as my knees caved

in on each other.

I was fucking you, girl,

you weren't just a fucking girl.

I loved you so, but I never knew,

because just like you,

the lie blocked out my reality too.


The End

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