I swear that I’ll do it
I promise I’ll go
This time I won’t cancel
I’ll play the whole show

The tickets are paid for
The theatre’s packed
Come one, come all
For the apathy act

They’re seated and silent
I raise high the curtain
Step towards the light
But they’re still so uncertain

Is this the finale?
Should they intervene?
Attention whore nevermore
Suicide queen

Drag myself through
One more day, two more hours
Threatening death
As these strangers throw flowers

They know I’ll keep singing
The show must go on
‘Til the popcorn is finished
The moment I’m gone

Some other poor doll
Will dance for these fools
The soirées are the worst
In the dark with these ghouls

They’re baying for blood
To which they’ve no right
So I swallow the swords
And goodbye and goodnight.

The End

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