Letting go.Mature

If I held a gun to my head,

who would cry and beg me not to?

If I climbed to the roof of a tall building,

who would call up and demand that I don't jump?

If I put a bottle of aspirin to my lips,

who would take them from me and listen for once?

If I laid down on the tracks,

who would scream and drag me off?

If I tied my own noose,

who would hold me up saying 'Don't'?

If I was on the edge of a bridge,

who would grab my hand, pull me back, and whisper 'I need you'?

It took that for you to pay attention,

to see that I'm hurting and broken.

But once I hold that gun, I'll pull the trigger, once I climb to the roof, I'm jumping off, once I unscrew that bottle, I'm drinking from it, once I lay down, I won't get up, once I tie my noose, I'll hang from it, once I'm at the edge...

                           ...I'm letting go.

The End

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