Letters we never send

Have a crush on a girl who doesnt know

Everyone has those letters that they will never send

Some may be about love or how much u hates them

They hold the deepest of secrets that we will never let pass our lips

Mine happens to be about you

This is my letter that I will never send

Every picture we take you’re the one who stands out

Every message that pops up gives me butterflies in my stomach

Your smile makes me smile and just look at you in awe

I know you have a bf but sometimes I don't care because deep down in my heart were meant to be

But I know this is one sided

But still I can't get rid of this feeling

It's like I'm running into a wall that I can clearly see, when I really think about it this is nothing but a crush like we had in elementary school,

We will never be, so I'll just keep my mouth shut and write my letter I will never send and see you every

Day and tell myself maybe one day

The End

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