Letters to my Younger Self

If you could talk to yourself from the past (It could be anywhere from one to fifty years ago), what would you say? Some fun poems...

To Middle-School Anna

These are my words.

I know that you've listened

To everything you've heard...

But this time it's important,

Not just babbling from your future nerd.


I just want you to know that, in the future,

many a time will you lose The Game.

(You don't know what I mean yet,

but when you do it can't be me you blame!)

And that you, the little shy girl,

will be striving for schoolwide fame,

When you stand up,

clear your throat,

and shout,

"Hey, everybody! THE GAME!"


And what I bet you don't expect

is for your first love to be derived from fiction.

And he's a manga character, at that--

I bet you're crying, "Shun the nonbeliever! SHUN!"

Oh--but you don't get that either.

Well, eventually you'll see the attraction.

Yep, that's when you'll be drawing his face...

when you're supposed to be doing fractions!


So, yeah, I bet now you're thinking--

"So when I'm in high school I'll be this insane?!"

I'd love to contradict you there...

But yep, as me you'll be the same.

Don't worry. You'll have fun.

(Though I'm still not the one to blame!)

And so with this I leave you,

Anna--yes, that's my name!







The End

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