My pocket is full of
cling-film dreams
glued to the window-pane
with sequins and glass beads

I just need some 
sunshine through the


Summer feels like such
a long time ago
I hope you know
that the day it snowed
I buried my secrets
in a leather box
to keep them dry

Did you think I would be that shallow
saving hopes for tomorrow 
drowning beats in beat-up sorrow

I'm a summer girl at heart, 
I need the sun to shine on me
God to shine his light upon me

I’m a winter girl at heart, 
I want the clear ice to rise
before me, the path to God’s love
to shadow your goodbyes

Who do you think I could be? 
Could I sit in a tree, 
and dream treetop dreams
in your memory? 

Who do you think I should be? 
Should I write stories and 
send them to the sky
for you to read to

Who should I be? 

Should I just be


The End

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