hey're all asking me, 

what are you going to do? 
just what are you going to do

i want to say, 
i don’t know.
and i frankly don’t care

but that’s what they
want to hear so they 
can wrap themselves 
around me and tell me that
going to 
be alright, 
when they don’t know
how things will turn, 
don’t know if i will ever
learn how to deal with this.

what i'm burning to say is, 

i'm going to wrap myself
in twinkle lights, 
(and I know that’s not safe –
is that not safe?) 
the kind that dress the
fir trees in the park
and in the town square
so that it looks like
millions of fairies

i'm going to pretend that
i feel light and buoyant 
in spite of the darkness, 
and with all my tiny bulbs
of light 
i will pray to the heavens
for the love
of the Lord
to heal
the silent dusk
that hangs
like the moon
in my soul. 

The End

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