To Him:


I filled my lungs with ash in an attempt to find my sanity. 

I wanted to cough up the blood that your fingertips drew out from my veins.

You hollowed me out. 

You cut my strings and told me to get up.

I didn't know how to react, the floor felt so cold underneath me my own demons couldn't even believe you. 

I held my head down while I screamed, I breathed in the dirt you walked on.

I was so afraid. 

So terrified by your absolute power that you showed on my bruised hips.

You were the monster under my bed that I never thought I would meet. 

After you left me I destroyed myself to find a peace of mind. To convince myself that it wasn't my fault. But oh my god, wasn't it?

I tore myself apart stitch by stitch looking for a way to breath and you stood a foot away laughing at my bursting seams while I choked. 

Now I will lay here on the bathroom floor, with your smoke invading me, clinging to my cement veins and hollow lungs.

The End

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