slowly, we learn iremittable truths: lemons

will never be substitute for eyedrops,

treasures that look like trash will be thrown away,

everyone interrupts, and clocks

don't really measure time at all. that morning when you

made ten cups of coffee the same day you learned how

to make coffee; that time you told your pudgy friend

that the boy across the road

thought she was a princess (your first lie to save the world)

that time you fell in love with a cat, a teacher, a flower, a song

all iremittable truths, kissed


the noise and flurry of a household disaster - the shelves

join in too, the pots, the pans

the running water that rocks up bills,

the glare of your father's mouth,

the incessant thunder of the dogs outside

the one relative who insists they can sing


you will never leave it all behind. the meaning of life

and the pondering of

is slowly lost amongst the marching of living

drowned out by the vibrancy of colours reflected in your iris

as you watch their handwriting and footprints

press patterns on your skin.

The End

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