Letter from Hell

I overdosed again last night
I woke next to sleeping pills and a glass of vodka
I just mixed them without remorse
Something inside me faded away

I am good at faking my smiles, it proves you don’t know me at all

I accept you don’t give a damn
What is hard to accept is why I care
You are an angel with the devil in your eyes
I am caught somewhere between

A bouquet of dead flowers are attractive to some people

Sometimes I wonder about suicide
If I was to cut my life short
It becomes more obvious day after day
I know how I will finish myself

I’ve been in this dark place for way to long,
I hardly recognise you,  because you’ve become no different to everyone else

If I just left it alone
I’d be able to move on
Don’t hate me for this and
Please don’t follow me

What to do now, I have no clue
I was so sure I would be with you
Every wasted love letter
Every wasted kiss blown
Make me feel dead inside

The End

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