finally realized about the girl

It’s finally happened

The smokes blown threw and everything’s anew

Because in my heart this fire has finally stopped burning

This windstorm in my mind has finally subsided

In the end this Chinese finger trap broke with a collision that couldn’t have been expected

When I leapt from that window and fell into a meadow of thoughts and possibilities

These possibilities that are endless

And I finally saw the view you were talking about from that breathtaking spot

The view overlooking the river of my problems that were supposedly never ending

But from this new angle I saw what I didn’t see before

A new angle that through your eyes I understand

And through that new view I realize that me and you is impossible

Because to love you more than anything than a friend is improbable

Because the way I see it this tag team duo is inseparable

And now that my problems are solved I feel rushes of relief

Rushes that took me surprise and made me feel like I haven’t even seen what this world has to offer

But no I’m not trying to offend you; I’m just trying to defend you 

Because this new life is plummeting forward with a vengeance for more 

And the importance that I make this an open letter to be explored

Because I’m leaving no rock unturned in this explanation of what is laying before me

Serenity in this calmness of my reality  

The End

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