Let's Pretend

Let's pretend your words hurt me--
Cutting into me like
the knives that cut
our childhood memories--

Where you still screwed me over
each time.

Let's pretend that I care--
because all forbid,
you mean more to me
than I do to myself--

Where it was always you, you
and never me; us.

Let's pretend we didn't grow apart--
that I found reading, writing, and books,
while you were always yapping
about how busy you were--

Who knew I could find time
to spend on myself and not you.

Let's pretend I need to be something I'm not--
for the sake of something that
had no future,
something without meaning--

Something made of childhood memories--
yours, not mine.

And let's pretend one final time--
as you wave your white flag at me,
thinking that I give a crap,
that I will concede my errors.

Let's pretend, 
I dare you.

Let's pretend,
because there's nothing there.


The End

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