Let's go backMature

something lovely

It's been awhile, Yea I know.

Forgotten what it's like to let my words make you smile cause I'm always on the

Time to slow it down, time to bring it back around,

to the time when we would walk all over town,

Laughing at the clowns that roamed the streets.

This was awhile ago.

Let's go back, way back, like an old school playback.

When you didn't have to gel my hair back,

when we didn't have to talk back, yell scream or bitch slap.

Back to when we just laid back and had conversations in silence.

This was awhile ago.

Back when butterflies still exist in the bottom of your pit,

when you heard the key click before I walked thru your door.

Before all the glass shed, before visions only saw red,

 back before the tear shed, heart shred, headache even the broken bed.

But that was awhile ago though

and I don't want to go back.

Let's go on, away from the f bombs, away from the door slams,

away from the back hands, on to the calm.

On to the Jamaica trip, on to the two paper blunt trips, on to the two hand
beer cuffing trips.

On to me kissing you softly on your lips.

Missing your fingertips outstretched in agony from the penetration of this

I had to censor it. But that's where I wanna take this.

The past is the obstacle we have to overcome,

but until then let's just stroll forward.

Hand in hand, woman and man, husband and wife for the rest of our life cause we
are one.

The End

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