My Dearest

My Dearest,
I'm talking to you,
Like you love me to,
And you to me,

My English is terrible,
Can't write in rhyme,
Though I should be good,
Taking language for this time,

More analysis of words,
I do not care about,
But yours,
I could delve into them for days,

Love is never lost, just
Walking through roses and thorns
On opposite sides of the river,

The river of time,
The river of rhyme,
Running down the hill,
I know it will,

My feet have been bleeding,
Walking off the rose-strewn pathway,
I've needed help,
To show me the wrong way

And lead me home,
My feet are healing,
Softened by petals

That remember me,
I remember you,
Ever day I trip over stems in the ground,
Remembering what we had found,

The petals are dancing in the air,
And they cover my view,
And remind me of you,

My dearest,
I'm talking to you.

The End

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