True Memory

And I look back and see us sad,
Remember times I'd come here
To be quiet
With you all
And I'd come across your lines of loss
Always loss, remember that?

Telling us you couldn't help
Telling me like I told myself
Once long ago
And again
So soon after.

You couldn't help so many of us
But we couldn't help ourselves,
Did you help yourself?

I look back and see tears and heartbreak
Were we happy? When were we happy?
When talking of gemela, mi flor..
And we'd cuddle and hold hands like there was nothing more..
Was it fake, my love? Were we happy?
Or were we just lying to protect our love.

I'm looking over my shoulder at you
But not as hard as you do..
I miss you, I miss you all..
Tonight there were tears
Speaking of the longing
For companionship
And love..
The love I lost, the love we lost.

I miss you and our love
But did we love, was it real?
Remember we'd come here each of those nights..
We'd never really help each other heal..

The End

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