Friday Flowers

Aren't Fridays the best?
A time when we can rest,
If we so chose to,

I organised my life,
I found some people I could borrow,
For hours at a time,

Giggling and jumping around,
Never quite secured to the ground,
Never all there,

But it's better than isolation,
In my room with a few buttons,
To press and tap,

It's hard to live up here anyway,

So I'm hoping I can,
Laugh with them,
And watch the screens as they do,

But nothing compares with you,

Nothing I try to replicate,
Or search in someone's smile,
Yours is the one I long for,
Yours is the one I smile for,

Your face on the book,
So stunning, no need to deny,
Oh flowers on a Friday evening,

May you smile for me?

The End

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