Memory loss

You genius,
You amazing,
You brilliant,

In my mind,
I think one'd find
I'm losing it at this pace.

My eyes are burning,
Forever yearning,
To lay upon your perfect face.

But really, the tears,
And crowds of all years,
Cause all my pains to be worthless.

Since I looked around,
The past seemed forgotten,
And forgotten was I to be selfless.

It's falling apart,
Inside my head,
It's falling apart outside.

I fail to smile,
To remember a while,
When life was on our side.

Weren't we happy? weren't we free?
Weren't we where we ought to be?
Was I with you? Were you with me?

My mind is not like it used to be,
Last Monday is long gone, dust,
I fail to retain my paintings and photos,
My brain has fallen to rust.

Even through my selfish ways,
My mind has turned to you,
It turns to look back over a shoulder,
Longing and wanting to hold you.

For our happiness,
Our beauty.

I don't think I'm beautiful,
At least, not on the outside,
Blackened, burned and curled away,
From when life was on our side.

ARGH! I cannot do it! I cannot write it down.
It's impossible to speak it and remember how
It used to be,
I remember you,
I... remember you,
Remember you,

The End

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