Let's Communicate

Come, Gemela, talk with me.
Let's fill this with stories of life.
There are people in long distance relationships, so long distance they talk only by email or letters.
Let us be pen friends and tell me about your day.
Come, baby, talk with me.

Let's communicate with lyrics
And noise.
With the words of song
And the dance of spirit.

Come gemela, dance with me.
My twisted tango words
Were flailing with fire but
Now, dance with me - the dance of spirit.

Tell me of maths, of friends
Or foes.
Tell me of LIFE
of LOVE, of woes.

Waltz through your sadness
Romanticise with me
As we spin in the circles
Of some Charleston talk
or Jive walk.

Come, gemela, come dance
With me.
Come sing your words in these halls
As I used to hear you sing through those
Ugly school walls.

The End

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