Let The Storm Pass....

Never hide your sorrows, we all have to cry sometimes.

You look at me, then quickly look a different direction....

A tear trickles down your face, you wipe it away, hoping I paid no attention.

You tell me you're ok, but I know you're not,

Your clouds have been gray for days, and now your throat's in a knot.

Your face looks tired, dull, and sad...

From this storm that you've been trying to hold back.

Let the rain pour,

Set your tears free....

I know a real smile wants to be worn,

And the color wants to be back in your cheeks.

You can't help but close your pretty blue eyes,

Just like you can't stop the rain clouds from closing up a pretty blue sky.

Your chin quivers from the rolling thunder inside...

Lighting strikes.

You finally surrender the fight....

You cry, you sob, you weep.

After the storm has passed,

You dry your eyes and take a breath real deep....

The slight smile on your face shows me you're relieved.

They say it's weak to cry,

That's a lie.

Imagine what this world would be like,

If it was only the sun that shined in the sky....

Dead and dry.

Doesn't it take a little rain to make the flowers bloom in the Spring?

I feel that the tears from your pain can do the same thing.

Like the ever-changing skies,

We all have a forecast inside our hearts.

It's the ever-changing emotions that express who we really are.

Don't ever hold a storm in, let it pass thru.

Otherwise everyday will be gray, and you'll never see the blue.

The End

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