let nothing but metal well up beneath my eyelids

take care to avoid my bleeding ribcage

please look away from my leaking lungs

and say solace to my aching heart

as it soaks through the bandages

that i've layered over it

as you rip through white gauze

with your shark-toothed smile

and your razor-sharp fingernails

and leave nothing but torn shreds of my love behind

and you are destruction reincarnated,

artificial chaos

with your sparkling eyes 

that look electric when you cry

and your knuckles that bleed blue blood

when you punch me,

over and over again

and yet you always say that it's okay


and you never leave bruises

when your fist passes through me


like the fog that used to cover

the wounded parts of yourself

and i would peel aside the callous words 

that covered your scars

yet now you leave silvery puffs of scar tissue

decorating my body,

you smooth them on

like a macabre painter with an endless supply of metallic liquid to drip

down across my hands

desecrating the only holy place i hold

and you never stop

to look at the scratches you leave behind

on my titanic exterior,

instead continuing on,

oblivious to my

purple-red pain.

The End

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