Let Me Leave You

All about a girl talking about her ex letting her finally leave him after he has cheated on her one to many times.

Sand flies as I run by,

kicked up by the soles of my feet.

I can hear him running behind me,

but I’m scared and won’t stop.

He calls my name, but I don’t hear.

The thudding of my heart is filling my ears.

I feel a hand grasp my arm and spin me around,

forcing me to look into those green eyes.

He tells me he’s sorry, but how can I believe him.

All he ever does is say sorry, like it even does anything.

I pull my arm from his hand, breaking free, slowly backing away.

When he doesn’t make a move towards me, I turn and run away.

I am finally free of all the lies and the cheating.

Free to mold and shape my life the wayIwant to.

Thanks for finally letting me leave you!

Thanks for letting me get away.

Thanks for letting me run ahead.

Thanks for letting me seize the day.

Good-bye, Green Eyes, I’m finally on my way.

The End

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