"Let Me Help You..."

A poem about wanting to be there for a friend, even when it seems they don't need you.

It feels like I am not the one who is meant for you

If I was, I'd be the one you turn to

When you're sad and down

But feel like you don't want no one around

I'd be the one you confide in

The one you trust as I do you

And each time you begin

To feel like you don't know what to do

You'd let me in

Instead of pushing me away

I only want to help you

Every single day

But you're trying to handle it all

On your own

You catch me each time I fall

But when you feel saddened, you want to face it alone

Why don't you let me help you

I care for you more than you'll ever know

You're in pain, let me come to your rescue

There's so many things I feel for you, many have been shown

But there's still so much more I have to show

I can wait until you decide

But each second away from you feels longer

Than the one before it

I don't know what kind of help I can provide

But how will you know if you don't give me the chance

To help you become stronger

I guess you feel I can't help with that

I know you're wrong if you do think that, because of what I feel inside

And this has nothing to do with romance

It's just letting me be where you're at

In spirit anyway, because of our current limits

But just allowing me to be your friend

As you are mine

Even though your instinct is to automatically shut our door

Whenever you're feeling this way

If I could, every minute with you'd I'd spend

I'd like to be like your lifeline

Helping you figure out exactly

Why your day

Went wrong

Just let me be next to you

As I really have been all along

The End

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