Let me be.

To be left alone in willful silence is the greatest pleasure for one who will not speak.

Close by in the night,

Coming in ever closer.

In my chest, my heart fights

But still sinks ever lower.

I whisper in fright:

"Please god, let this be over."

But on and on it goes,

every minute ever slower.

10 minutes to an hour,

stretch my time like taffy.

But I'm not laughing ,

This time done stretched on right past me.

So I whisper to the night:

"Please, just let me go."

But the night doesn't listen,

The stars won't go home.

So I'm stuck in the night,

Gazing at the moon's pale face,

Swore I thought I'd seen death,

Last time I hit this place.

They say after falling and falling,

the only way is up.

But what happens when you fall,

And the fall don't stop?

Don't push me at the edge,

I don't wanna go.

The world makes no sense.

That much I know.

The End

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