Let LooseMature

Who’s gotten you down under the gray clouds?

Who’s got your tongue?

Taking your chin, I guide you to my lips

Just a little skim can cause a strong shiver

Trembling from those people’s words

Let me loosen you tonight

I love the way you crash into me

Let your fingertips caress every inch of me

Driving my fingers through your curly hair

Tilting your head back to kiss from your lips to your neck

Let’s re-write today’s ending shall we?

From the slightest touch of your finger to the full embrace of your arms

You pulled me into you

Our bodies collide

Pick me up and lay me down

Your lips kissing my heart

Hands slithering under my clothes

Exposed but we’re as safe as we can be

To hear you breathing in my ear

Please I don’t want your teeth let me go

Your tongue and mine meet

Our lips melt into one another

Your hand brushing back my hair

Don’t deny the animal inside

The slight nibble on my cheek

To the gentle suck on my lobe

You have my heart racing

Don’t let the radiance of us die out tonight

Don’t ever look back

The stuttering trembles transfer to me from you

The push your bring is grinding

Your cool hands travel the curves of me

The soft peck of a kiss on my nose

The best part is feeling your heartbeat through your chest to my palm

The End

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