Let It Rain

You set here alone, on your knees,
Because your legs, they feel weak,
You crumbled to the floor and your crying,
You yell to the heavens, "I'm done trying!"

You're not sure if you expect an answer back,
But you don't really care, your chest, it hurts,
Like a snake that constricts, it feels tight,
And, in you, there's not much more fight.

Its long faded with you're will,
This life, this pain just feels to real,
And you question if you can ever be free,
Is there more to see.

You just feel so numb,
There's nothing but ache,
And in the back of your mind,
You know happiness is something you'll never find.

Just when the silence grows to long,
Through the speakers, comes a song.
And you can't help but to listen,
At the words even though your eyes, with tears, still glisten.

Those words, you might bend till you break,
Because its all you can take,
Repeat over and over and you realize its Rascal Flatts, stand.
In a way its telling you, you should plant your feet on solid land.

You listen as the rain starts to fall,
And you move to stand by the wall,
Looking out of the window its like a cloud of white,
With nothing but dark, no ounce of light,
And in the back of your mind you say, the words you wish you could speak aloud one day:

"Let it rain, because there is no more pain. Let it shower down and not seem so gloom and black, make it easy to find my way back, one day, let the sorrow fade and allow the happiness to come and stay."

The End

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