Let It Burn

Just something that popped into my head...

I bury my head in his chest and cry.

It’s so cold and soundless in this place so full of light
So old and worn his face looks- eyes that were once so young and bright.\
“I miss you” I whisper to his deadened gaze
But of course there’s no reply
“I love you” I say again,
And I just want to die

Because there’s no heart beating warm beneath his chest
And no life in his strong arms- once so full of vim and zest.
“Goodbye” I murmur against his bruised blue lips and let out a fearful sigh
“Goodbye” I whisper again and let his scent fade aside
“Goodbye” I whisper one last time and lift my face to the endless sky.

The heavens burst open with white and falling snow
Porcelain fingers and breathy wisps give his corpse an ethereal glow
Frozen teardrops trail my cheeks and fall as dew below
As the clouds their blessing upon him bestow

 Let it burn.

 There’s nothing here but a body devoid of life
Let it burn.
There’s nothing here to end this strife
Let it burn
I strike a match and light the night
Let it burn
Now everything’s gonna be alright



And so it burns
Until there’s nothing left but his ashes, memories and this hole in my heart.

The End

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