Let it be You!

I wrote this poem for my favourite English teacher at school. Hope you like it.

I need a heart beside me,
So that I could reveal mine.
I need a hand over my quivering fingers,
So that I could stop worrying and feel the sunshine.

I need a gem, to gaze at it in solitude,
So that I could get lost in it.
I need the sea lapping upto my feet,
And the setting sun gleaming on the wet sand on which I could sit.

I need a support in the world outside,
For I am afraid of strangers staring at me.
Let it be you, the one who shall lead me to tranquility,
For I am still moving from one realm to another, like a nectar craving bee.

I can wait, don’t worry,
I can wait till eternity.
I can live without the things that can’t be bought-like love,
Just assure me with your gaze that you’ll always be with me.

Look, look- there’s a shooting star, up there…
I wish I had companions in this journey called life.
Even if a few, for it’s their presence what matters, not their count-
I’m weary, I’m tired- I have already given up everything during this strife.

I need to find a peace of mind,
To calm the struggle of the heart and mind within.
But I need a guide, a friend, a teacher,
Let it be you, and I shall be ready for a new journey to begin.

Let it be you-the one who leads me,
And I shall tread paths yet unknown to any beast or man.
Let it be you-the genie that satisfies not my desires but my hunger for eternal peace,
Let you be the one in whose arms I can rest, and contemplate my lifespan.

Now I feel the need of a guiding spirit,
The one that shall keep me away from mistakes.
All that I need now is a teacher, a guru,
I don’t want to take risks anymore-for at this stage of my life, my soul is
at stake.

Let that tutor be you.
Within god’s light,
My guardian angel,

Let it be you.

The End

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