Let Go

all too often

i carry others' pain

all too often i feel it's done in vain

would they carry my sorrows

in sake of my name

sadly to say i think not

they might feel me

but they'll soon have forgot

what it is like

experiencing another's strife

so why

why can i not let go

of the troubles

of their souls

why is it

so hard for me

to set down another's load

my heart is tired

of being taken for granted

i love so deeply

i never plan it

that's just what happens

when i connect

tired of one way streets

i wish i could forget

all who have forgotten me

but so many souls stay on my mind

like a rolodex of energies

spinning through my time

frequently on my heart

consistently on my mind

i want to let go

i need to let go

i will let go

for the sake of my soul 

The End

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