Dragons Love

Dragons roar as they are caged, fighting to break free

Their power is great indeed, but the belong only to me

Their power is mine, their power keeps me alive

Without it I die forever, but with it I shall thrive

Their power in my heart, it flows through my mind

This power and greatness, this power none can find

Blind to their own dragons, the people walk along

The stares are blank and empty, yet they are still strong

Searching with hope they go, yearning to find a purpose

They dont see the truth, the power beneath the surface

But that doesn't matter, for I see my dragons here

The people I tell can't see, but to me they are so clear

The dragons are so very real, I see them in my heart and soul

At the edge of my sight I see, the dragons ultimate goal

Their goal is simple yet great, to raise up every nation

To show them all power, the greatest of any vocation

The greatest power, the caring of all others

By showing compassion, the power of lovers

The dragons show love, and their power is forever

The power intertwined, we live forever together

The End

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