Let Dragons Roar In Your Heart

There are many things that dragons can represent. beauty, love, hate, power, glory. many things, and i hope that you understand your inner dragons on such a level that you become a master of yourself.

With flames on my tongue, and an evil grin

This bottled anger inside, it is about to win

These pent up beasts, my power deep inside

Their strength does grow, and in my heart it does reside

These dragons are great, these dragons are brave

They search forever, my heart they will save

They know my fears, they never need ask

They see my dreams, even through the mask

They understand true, they never do judge

They stand foever valient, they never do budge

They keep me safe, they protect my mind

They treat me fair, they're the best I will find

For these are my dragons, they serve only me

They are the difference, between me and thee

These beasts of magic, they soar through the night

They keep me from the cold, they help win this fight

Their strength raises me up, shielding me from my rage

I see the fear in their eyes, when I shove them in a cage

When they can not shield, they weep for the pain

They cant help when caged, they scream as I go insane

The End

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