Flame and Wet StuffMature

I am no poet. Never really will be. :P
But this collection is where I'll post any poetry that does happen into my head.


An origami flower, a light's cascade,

A prince in a tower, a dragon's flame,

A damsel to save him, a ring, conjoined.

The tower spirals to the black clouds,

Filled with bitter-sweets, a sign,

A sweep, and creation anew,

A paper unicorn, a necklace,

Glowing softly in the night.

Red drink, red wine, A wolf's howl,

A sword with a blade unsharp,

A stained dress, a spot, not of water.

A fallen oak, chopped away,

A bridge, joining two souls,

A gift, a midsummer's dance,

She prances late through the night,

Beyond worry, A sad sight.

A star of fate, a box of beige,

A member of the earth, set in stone,

The descent of lies, pain felt throughout

His promise, unkept, and unspoken,

A forgotten gift, a lack of gratitude,

A crumpled bag, shattered silver,

Not meant to pass.




The End

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