Leone: King of Beasts

I just love lions. Don't you? Apart from when they're glaring at your meaty flesh with drool dripping off their fangs.

Leone: King of Beasts

Challenges all who opposes him with a head-on rage

He intimidates by snarling and roaring

Never bowing his head in shame.

Leone: King of Beasts

Critically claws in combat

His grip is a clamp that crushes until death

Calling every animal from the depths of the lushious terrain

Leone: King of Beasts

Should be feared by all

Steaming and panting; charging up a blow

Like a whipping tornado of which the gale is immensely impressive

Leone: King of Beasts

Braves the wild, a valiant hero

But when he experiences this bloody feeling

It laughs while it pulses through his body

Leone: King of Beasts

Who bears his fangs in respect

Who is greeted by the coiling trees,

They bow their heads to the tired wanderer

Leone: King of Beasts

If you do not heed my advice

His terror will reign, he possesses dark power

Plus if you be licked by the cataclysmic bite strike

Leone: King of Beasts

Walks by me: we share so much!

The End

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