Lengthy Stays In Run Down MorguesMature

Hesitant breathes, become labored 

Slitting throats is what i've always favored 

Making my drinks blood flavored 

Lustful touches with you i've savored  

Im barely alive, eyes losing light 

Bright blue eyes become a cold lifeless white 

In a world this vile will i ever regain my sight 

Teeth ripped out so i may not bite 

You almost saved me but not quite 

Dreams that shift into reality 

Spreading darkness changes me, causes me to exhibit brutality 

Broken wings wont take me far 

But someday ill show you greener grass from afar 

As your lungs overflow with tar 

My lungs stop breathing! i never did meet the bar 

Place a wager, lay down your bet 

Your banking on my misfortune before we even met 

You left me alone and dying slow 

I stopped mattering, i just want to go 

To place where my heart doesnt beat 

Where i can walk forever on these torn up feet 

Bones on fire watch them ignite 

I know you stopped loving me before tonight 

My only question is why? 

All i want to see is your hand in mine as i close my eye 

Its a simple want, not quite reciprocated 

Just end me now, leave me decapitated 

I was convenient never loved! 

You brought us to the brink and then shoved 

You always knew you'd survive 

Move right on, just to continue to thrive 

You could give a shit less if i'm alive

The End

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