Lemur and Panda

i wrote this for someone that I care deeply about I hope she can love it and know that im hurting inside without her

 Now im saying this proud and true that your the one I sought
You are my panda as im your lemur not once have we ever fought
But it seems our lives have taken a turn and that I say I do weep
For why does this life betray us why is the love I so want to keep
You are my love and I am yours for the rest of my life
And to my love I would give the world for she was to be my wife
Now she is gone and I am still struggling to hold my head up high
As the rain pours down hiding my tears I scream to the heavens why
Why must they make our lives so different and how to fix it now and true
For all I want in life is my panda bear and that panda bear I name is you

The End

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