Leggings and Other Grievances

I have a slight, very slight temper problem…

I’m not saying I can’t control my anger…

But there is a list of things that just Piss. Me. Off

When I’m dreaming and just as something important happens

Like a support beam breaking right above my head,

Or when the battle plans of the army are finally about to be revealed,

Then the sound of the alarm cuts through.

Reaching for the phone and realizing

The ringing is coming from across the room, under a pile of random crap

Things just piss me off.

Like those people who decide that leggings are pants,

No, just no.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to take someone seriously when their outfit essentially directs attention to their crotch?

No, Things like that just piss me off.

People who are obnoxiously loud,

And then decide to proclaim their sexual deviances?


And when you complain you get told to stop Eavesdropping

As if somehow your fault that you overheard

So you bite your tongue and walk away,

Arms clenched at your sides,

 Nails digging into skin leaving small crescents

Yet keeping everything inside so not to offend,

Not to bother any poor soul

Who just happen to be in the area when you lose your cool

Yeah things just piss me off.

The End

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