Leger Majikel

In short, the magickal code of conduct for magi in my invented world of Maegard. Clearly influenced by my religious background, enjoy.

These ten laws that She doth enforce,

Are in accord to Nature’s course,

To break nor bend to mage’s will,

Or scratched and scarred by traitor’s quill.


  • Use it with wisdom to honour She,

If needed, use as that need be.


  • If life be taken by Magick’s hand,

Duty be they returned to land.


  • Speak only in whisper of the Art,

As not to tempt a foolish heart.


  • Mind or it shalt become thy bane,

Use magick not for worthy gain.


  • Use to never hamper death,

Nor to instil a beating breath.


  • In peril do as loving She would,

And think only of thine sisterhood.


  • And in hatred use all thine restraint,

Lest blood upon your magick taint,


  • If great Future be all that you see,

Be cautious of thine Destiny.


  • This law, if all, I pray you mark,

That thou shalt not succumb to Dark.


  • And remember that in all you do,

Shall threefold be returned to you.


T'is She that be the magick source,

If thou forgets, we do endorse,

Above all else, this law fulfil,

An’ it harm none, do as ye will.

The End

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