new armorMature

Spending all my time mourning you,
guess you never could understand that
I had given you the best of me.
Now I'm spending all my time at the LHC,
working to break this hold on me -
putting my heart back in my chest.

The doors are bolted shut,
the surgeon's leaning over me,
a halo of fluorescent light
behind his words. He says to me
"Take a few deep breaths,
this will all be over by dawn
& you'll wake up a whole new girl."

The incision followed the curves
of my ribcage, torn off hunks
of my pathetic little heart
fell into the open.
I woke up with stitches
in all kinds of uncomfortable places
& a brand new, one-of-a-kind,
steel-enforced ribcage.

I should thank you,
I'm indestructible now -
thanks to you.
But you still awaken
those pterodactyls in my stomach.
You're throwing me off track
but your heartbeat's in my throat
& I'm saying crazy things like

"I don't love you, anymore
& maybe you were never,
never worth it at all."

The End

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