i didn't really title any of these so i'm winging it okayMature

Of everything I've ever said,
I think, perhaps, my biggest regret
is that I never could explain
how wet socks get in the rain
[it was a cold, cold day
& the rain left marks on my skin].

I was going to be a writer,
pulling a degree, but -
nothing's turned out quite right.
You were going away,
sitting on my living room floor
talking, talking, talking up "one day.."

Bring back college programs,
high school exams &
your part time job.
Take back these bills, this
high school degree, & over-worked,
under-paid full-time job.

I want to be lying once again
on the floor beneath the table,
staring up at the ceiling
& speaking as if I were capable.
[Like liquid glass through my fingers,
I stare at the burns].

The End

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